Nearly a complete view


In this body of work, I am observing what I see around me. This selection is a combination of nature and construction, focusing on movement, color, shadows, reflections and light. These photographs were taken in The Netherlands and New York, understanding and perceiving the surroundings I grew up in. All of the images are archival pigment prints on vellum 25x34'.

'Day in Antarctica' Brooklyn, New York 2015

'Traveling Home' Huizen, The Netherlands 2015

'Blue Overpass' New York, New York 2015

'In Two Places' Beacon, New York 2014

'A Warm Day' New York, New York 2015

'Conventional to the eye' Hoorn, The Netherlands 2015

'Trying to See the End' New York, New York 2015

'Deconstructing' Brooklyn, New York 2015

'Orange Sand' Saratoga, New York 2015

'Oversights Intertwine' Craailo, The Netherlands 2014

'Luminous Breeze' Beacon, New York 2014

'I Can't See It' Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2014

'Italian Waterfall' Saratoga, New York 2015

'Let It Be the Sea' Noordwijk, The Netherlands 2015

'Resting Opposites on the Power Lines' Middenmeer, The Netherlands 2015

'Afsluitdijk' Den Oever, The Netherlands 2015

'Dry Your Tears' Brooklyn, New York 2014

'Going Around in Circles' Brooklyn, New York 2014

'Solid Transparency' Saratoga, New York 2015

'Looking Closer' Breda, The Netherlands 2015

'Similar Thoughts' Blaricum, The Netherlands 2014

'Somebody Like You' Saratoga, New York 2015

'Constant Shadows' Brooklyn, New York 2014

'It Looks Smaller Now' Craailo, The Netherlands 2014