Los árboles

Colombia, 2015

This body of work was made in Mesa de Yeguas a region in Colombia and at 710m above sea level it is part of the Andes mountain range. It is a subtropical climate due to its position and is where “los árboles’ was inspired, translated meaning ‘The Trees’. The vast changing landscapes was my muse travelling through Colombia for a month. The size of the trees would reach incredible heights and because of the temperature a wide range of sorts had developed, thrived and have lived over hundreds of years. A drastically different environment to what I was used to growing up in urban landscapes (Amsterdam, The Netherlands and currently living in New York, USA). These pictures are a juxtaposition between a study of examining the subject up close and feminine attributes, sexuality and qualities. Focussing on the shapes, textures, sizes, colors and subtle movements I wanted to personify and glorify them. Trees have been known and seen as a symbol of beauty, strength, antiquity and femininity in many cultures and religions. Each with their own unique and almost unearthly characteristics and appearances.